Our Work

The Technology We Use

Building Beautiful Software

React Logo

Created by Facebook's engineers, React lets us build interactive single-page-applications on the web. Smoothly interacting with backend systems to generate dynamic and productive tools for customers and businesses alike.

Flutter Logo
Flutter Mobile Apps

We use Flutter to build cross platform mobile applications, perfect for letting users on iPhone and Android alike interact with your business. Created by google, it provides all the tools needed for seamless Material Design.

Android Logo
Android Development

Android is perfect for creating rich user experiences with highly interactive applications. Using Kotlin and the Android ecosystem to engage end users in imaginative new ways.

Form and Function Working in Harmony

FastAPI Logo

FastAPI pairs seamlessly with React or Flutter, creating engaging experiences for users and a scalable backend that works like a charm for 500 users or 500,000 users.

Django Logo

Django is the perfect tool for building simple websites that interact with a database. Ideal for stock management, or letting customers safely interact with internal systems.

Rocket Logo

Rocket lends the speed and safety of Rust to the world of websites. A tool to build lightning fast, super secure, and ultra resilient websites that will be sure to last.

Using the Right Tools For The Job

Python Logo
Python for Data Science

Python provides a wealth of data science tools to help us ensure that we can make the best use of any data. Bokeh for beautiful graphs, SKLearn for machine learning, or TensorFlow for state of the art AI.

PostgresSQL Logo

Postgres is a secure, scalable, and open-source SQL database. Perfect for storing enterprise data, and ensuring it will be maintainable and accessible down the line.

Redis Logo

Redis is a schemaless NoSQL database that we use to help along traditional databases. Perfect for short term caches, or simple key-value data that doesn't need a complex relational schema.

Building Rock Solid Infrastructure

GCP Logo

Google Cloud Platform is our choice of cloud provider. Providing top of the line services in a range of different areas, with GCP, we can ensure we're getting the best possible option.

Docker Logo

Docker is the king of devops, providing the perfect platform for scalability and manageability. Whether it's building new software with Docker in mind, or dockerizing existing setups - we use the latest tools to ensure the best results.

Kubernetes Logo
Popular Cloud Platforms

While GCP is our first choice, we're familiar with other cloud platforms. Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Digital Ocean, we work with a range of different platforms.

Some of Our Products

Cheapest Pint


Cheapestpint.in is platform that supports local businesses by providing the public an easy way to find the best and cheapest drinks in their area.

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Raspberry Sky

Raspberry-Sky tracks commercial aircraft using crowd-sourced Raspberry Pi ADS-B receivers, giving us the opportunity to present aircraft data in more useful ways than ever.

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